The COVID+ Saliva Test

The COVID+ Saliva Test

COVID-19 Saliva Test by PCR
Institutional and Workplace COVID-19 Testing

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The COVID+ Saliva Test by PCR.

The COVID+ Test is a noninvasive, safe and reliable test designed to help employees return to work and get students back to school. The COVID+ Saliva Test is the new “gold standard” for detecting coronavirus. Collecting specimens with nasal swabs can be irritating and painful. With The COVID+ Saliva Test, specimen collection is pain free and easily completed by most everyone so the need for a healthcare worker to collect the specimen is reduced. As a result, the risk of spreading the virus is reduced because social distancing protocols are met. Most saliva tests available today lack sensitivity and often give unreliable results. The COVID+ Saliva Test has a greater than 95% sensitivity rate in finding coronavirus so you can feel confident and comfortable that the workplace or classroom is COVID free.


The declaration of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) as a US public health emergency on March 13, 2020, altered the way we work and live, intensified feelings of stress and created uncertainty about the future for many people. The closure of many businesses led to financial instability and the highest unemployment rates since 1976 (CDC).

New routines and behaviors, (masks and social distancing) are reminders of the “new normal” which have been shown to increase stress and anxiety. Stay-at-home orders and social distancing recommendations prompted many businesses to adopt work-from-home options for their employees where feasible. For many of these workers, lack of physical and temporal work boundaries between work and home life resulted in longer work hours and fragmented focus time, leading to stress, burnout, and fatigue. Many are also juggling increased caregiving responsibilities in response to changing school arrangements and work, and research suggests mothers may be more affected than fathers based on differences in childcare duties.

Eliminate Painful and Irritating Nasal Swabs

Although there are advantages from working at home; research has shown that working from home has negative effects on employees. For example:

  • Balancing work-life and family life
  • Scope of job growth is limited 
  • Lack of access to documents 
  • Business phone interruptions 
  • Motivational and Ergonomic issues

As a result, employers are seeking safe and effective ways to get employees back to the workplace. A key to ensuring that employees remain safe is through lab testing. The most reliable tests are performed by PCR and The COVID+ Saliva Test is dependable and painless.