cobas® CT/NG v2.0 Test4

Performance validated for recommended populations and specimen types with the

VENUS ( Vaginal, Endocervical  and Urine Screening) clinical study.

    Designed to deliver accurate results

    • Dual-probe, single-tube multiplex assay design with automatic internal control
    • Dual-target design to detect all major CT/NG strains, ensuring true positive results
    • Built-in internal control validates a negative result
    • Built-in contamination control to minimize the risk of false positive result

    Supports CDC recommendation for testing with a wide range of specimen types 

    (consult with your laboratory)5

    • Vaginal swabs specimens (provider-collected or self-collected)
    • Endocervical swab specimens
    • Urine specimens (male and female)
    • Liquid-based cytology specimens

    Offers robust clinical validation: VENUS clinical study

    • Validated in low- and high-prevalence populations
    • Validation included pregnant women

    The cobas® CT/NG v2.0 Test has been evaluated in pregnant women, which remains a critical screening population according to the 2015 CDC Screening Recommendations.

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